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Sing for the moment, shoot for the future

The cute white mage who wears green
6 January 1988
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I'll keep your heart with mine

I love music, books, comics, manga, butterflies, cupcakes, anime, clothes and fashion, musicals, the sky, strawberries, vanilla, white flowers, Paul Simon, photography, art, reading, writing, fanmixes, taking walks, travelling, dancing, video games, Muse, swimming, the scent on the air when it's raining, sleeping, DDR, so many pairings I can't choose which ones to include here, how bassoons sound so lonely, singing, peaches, adding hearts at the end of my sentences <3, waffles, potatoes, humongous mechas, my cat, puh-earth tea, postcards, catalogues, Ikea, wedding-related stuff, notebooks, movies, life

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